Since July, our client Dermot Williams, MD of Threatscape has been invited to contribute to numerous radio programmes across Ireland. Today FM, Newstalk, 4FM, East Coast FM and even Connemara Radio sought Dermot’s expert advice and commentary across a number of IT Security issues.

From viruses to online scams and mobile jailbreaking to laptop data breaches, Dermot gave his opinion and shed some light on some of Ireland’s more serious security stories making the news.

To listen to some of these click on the links below:

Monday, 5th July
The Business as part of the Breakfast Show
Newstalk 106-108fm

Dermot talks about how people can protect themselves from online criminals following the release of statistics showing that organized criminals are behind 90% of Internet Security threats. Dermot provides advice on how to protect your computer and yourself from becoming a target.

Monday, 19th July
McGurk on 4

Dermot was asked to weigh-in on the virus phone scams being run by call centres in India reported in the Guardian. The scam, affecting people in Britain and Ireland.  Dermot provides advice on how to identify these types of fraud cases, and explains how social engineering has prayed on those most vulnerable. Williams – Tom McGurk 19 July 2010.mp3

Tuesday, 27th July
The Last Word with Matt Cooper
Today FM

Dermot joins journalist Ciara O’Brien on the Last Word to discuss the new United States ruling that enables iPhone users to “jailbreak” their phones, opening the phones ability to connect to numerous networks – but with the warning that doing so, will void the phone’s warranty. Williams – The Last Word – 27-7-2010.mp3

Saturday, 31st July
Down to Business

Dermot speaks with Down to Business about the researcher who “hacked” Facebook to reveal its lack in privacy for users.  Dermot says this is more of harvesting – collecting of information – rather than hacking; however, he warns: Facebook (and Internet) users should know – once it’s up on the web, it’s there for good.

Monday, 23rd August
The Last Word with Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper speaks with Dermot about the CAO website; what type of security threat was posed and other examples of DDoS threats.