The infographic that caught our attention this week concerned the issue of online gambling. The debate rages as to whether this is a dangerous online activity that can be accessed by underage gamblers and given the ease of accessibility can ruin people’s lives a lot quicker than having to get dressed and head to the betting shop. With Facebook now offering real cash gambling the debate is gathering strength. What are your thoughts?

The fact of the matter is with the economy still struggling, unemployment high and redundancy still a threat, people are thinking outside the box in terms of finding an income. It’s not as though saving is really worthwhile. Low interest rates together with high inflation are basically eroding savings and even decreasing the value of your nest egg. Many people try their luck gambling – it’s a risky business, but so is playing the stock market and many people try to make a living out of that.

Professional gamblers treat their work very seriously and, of course, professionally. They rise at work time and devote at least 6 hours a day to their craft. It is a studied art and not a mere speculative 20 euro on a horse. Whether it be bingo, slot machines, poker or horses the probability of winning is weighed up against the stakes and the decision to lay money down is seen as an investment as opposed to a bet. However, all gamblers must be aware of the danger and the up and down nature of their activities.

But as you can see from the infographic the lottery is still the most popular form of gambling online – it seems lady luck still has a large part to play…