Mark Kellett, CEO of Bvisible client Magnet Networks described investment in a fibre infrastructure as a national imperative in an interview published in today’s Irish Independent and online at Silicon Republic and Digital Ireland.

In the piece Kellett advises that Ireland’s future economic welfare is dependent on the country having a modern communications network

“Ireland is the last landfall between the US and Europe and if we have all the correct pieces in place in terms of the right fibre infrastructure, we will spawn our own technology companies and businesses that sell online and capture the next generation of financial services players who will trade in picoseconds – one trillionth of a second.” said Kellett in the interview.

Magnet Networks has the largest fibre network in Ireland, plus 40 unbundled exchanges nationwide.

To read the full interview please visit Silicon Republic.

Magnet Networks CEO Mark Kellet in todays Irish Independent

Magnet Networks CEO Mark Kellet in today's Irish Independent