We’ve noticed that to date there has been a great disconnect between those involved in SEO and PR agencies when, actually, these naturally compliment each other’s activities.  Here’s how:

Search Loves Content & PR Produces Content

Online content in the form of news releases and blog posts have the potential to include keywords that will beef up your website.  Where possible, news releases should be posted on your website’s newsroom and these, together with other online content like blog posts and twitter feeds, should be seeded with your target keywords.  Not only will the media and your target audiences be able to find information on you easily, it also demonstrates the authority of your website to search engines.

PR Creates Backlinks

When issuing your next release, Bvisible can work with your SEO team to produce what is known as an ‘optimised’ news release.  This release will target a large range of online distribution services and web-based news sites to create a torrent of quality backlinks for your company.  In addition to convincing and helping others to find your site, backlinks enhance the trust that search engines have in your site.

If you haven’t talked to us before about online news release distribution and your SEO priorities, then now’s the time to do just that.  Get your PR and SEO working in tandem to deliver even better returns and clicks.