In the first of many brief  tips Bvisible will offer over the coming months we advise that press release quotes sound real.  It amazes me how many companies still use superlatives, hype and uniform words and phrases that don’t sound like they’re coming from a real person.  As companies begin to understand the value of authenticity, a quote is one area in a press release where this can be truly demonstrated.

Public Relations Tip # 1

Avoid hyperbole and Be Human. Are you really “delighted” to announce this new partnership? Or maybe you’re “excited” and “proud”?  Think about the last time you were truly delighted and compare it to how you felt when writing your press release. Only a handful of things are “eagerly awaited”, even less are “highly anticipated”, and fewer still are “ground breaking”. A good rule of thumb – think of the grumpiest person you know reading the press release before you send it out!