Best-selling Irish novelist Anna McPartlin today launched a new dimension to her latest book, “So What If I’m Broken“.  In a first for Irish literature, the book’s fictional characters will have a virtual life through Facebook , Twitter, and even a blog.  Fans will be able to directly communicate with characters online, gaining a deeper insight into the story.

By translating her characters to the online world, McPartlin is hoping to speak to a new audience- an audience part of the 1 million plus Irish Facebook users and over fifty thousand Twitter users.   It is also hoped that existing readers will be attracted to the additional interaction enabled by the characters online presences and initiated at a key moment in the books story line.

Speaking about the project Anna McPartlin said: “There is some worry in the publishing industry over the future of books.  Google are recreating the Library of Alexandria and Sony and Amazon are selling E-book readers that carry thousands of books.  None of this changes the importance of a good story well written.  The social aspect of the internet, however, does allow for something really exciting: a book that talks back!”

Those interested can find out more by visiting the book’s website, where the blog of the book’s main character Jane Moore can be found and a number of characters can be befriended to keep abreast of developments.  The blog sets up the story that the other characters act out over Facebook and Twitter. The website also provides more information on Anna, the book and where it can be purchased.

“What is really exciting is that readers might actually change the story through their own interactions with the character.  So while it will return to the universe of the book by the end, it can go for a user led meander through the public’s contributions,” added Anna.

This is Anna McPartlin’s fourth book from publisher Poolbeg Press and the first time she has taken her characters from traditional print to the virtual world. The book is widely available throughout Ireland at a price of €12.99 and was launched on 24th September 2009.  More on Anna can be found at while you can find out more about the online story by clicking here.