Christmas is approaching fast so you’re probably writing your present list and checking it twice. Well, if you’ve racked your brains and just can’t think what to get the other half or the kids then let this classic ad spark ideas for you.

In the age when care, precision and not pressing the handset button were key – we bring you Scalextric Racing.
You didn’t just turn on the tele and have a ready made track, with perfectly maintained cars. No you had to build the thing – carefully removing bits of carpet thread from the joins and avoiding the leg of the bed. The cars were well used – not computer simulated damage but proper window smashes and the odd drivers’ head missing. In fact, how they passed the NCT was a complete mystery – dad must have paid them off (it was the old days).

So get your motor running and watch those corners.
As Murray Walker would say -
We are GO! GO! GO! in the bedroom…