We enjoyed this article sent from communications publisher Ragan (originally from The Bad Pitch Blog).  It’s a must read for anyone working with the media who wants a good laugh this Friday morning.  It certainly caused a few chuckles here in Bvisible especially considering how serious we can all sometimes take ourselves- PR pros, media and bloggers.  Some of the main points to remember:

-  Jazz up with your email pitch with CAPs, EXCLAMATION MARKS AND COLOUR !!!

- Jargon is your friend- use it as much as you can

- Perisitence is key- to reach a journalist with your pitch, email and email more followed by lots of phone calls and lengthy voicemails

- Mass email, forget BCC and offer exclusives

-  Pitch at 5pm  Friday on a bank holiday weekend

- Compose Stock comments for bloggers to keep them onside

and lots more……………