So this week I met my cousin who I hadn’t seen for over 20 years. She moved to Canada a long time ago and each time she’d popped home I was living abroad so we just never managed to catch each other in the same country.

So, as you do when you meet a family member after such a long time, we drifted into reminiscing about the old days. We got on to Christmas parties at my nan’s house… all the family gathered to celebrate Christmas night – the adults in one room and all the kids in the other, showing off their main Christmas day present.

The only time we were allowed in to the ‘adults room’ was to play a few rounds of charades, or as we called it then ‘Give Us A Clue’ – as we emulated Lionel Blair or Una Stubbs from the TV programme. However, following the game we were ushered back into the ‘kid’s room’ until home time.

But, as we grew older and the age gap between the younger grandchildren and some of the older ones became apparent the cross over from child to adult room had to take place. The moment of birth, the breaking of the childhood chrysalis came when nan offered you a Babycham – you were then free to fly from the shackles of the petty squabbles of the lesser mortals and drink from the font of Christmas adulthood – you still had to make one Babysham last all night though!

So in memory of my nan and growing up – our Classic Ad post this week looks at Babycham.
We got little bottles of a drink called ‘Snowballs’ too but I can’t seem to find a trace of them – anybody remember them or had my Babycham gone to my head?