This category is dedicated to great creative ideas that we have come across that really stand out from the crowd. Things, products, concepts that make you smile, wish you had one or wish you’d thought of it first.

So here is this week’s creative idea we love…

The Spotify Powered Poster from Agency Republic – a poster that changes its tune every time it’s hit. You don’t like the tune – just throw your piece of paper at the poster and change the music. However, two important bits of info – 1. if the person loading the initial tunes has really bad taste you could be throwing a lot of paper and 2. somebody has to pick up the debris.

But we still think it’s a fantastic idea and would work in the office, bar and even at home. Just don’t throw the first thing you get your hands on when a naff tune hits your ears – a stapler flying across the office or a cup of coffee flung across the kitchen can do a lot of damage.
Enjoy…and if you come across anything you think we should feature then get in touch.

Change the tune from Michael Robinson on Vimeo.