Our infographic of the day comes from Silicon Republic – warning us of the potential hidden dangers in the social media world of Facebook…

Fakebook – The all-new Facebook

About 8.7pc of Facebook’s 955m active users worldwide are either fake or duplicate, and the social networking giant is planning to delete those 83m false accounts, the company revealed in its filing to the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission in June.

Now, a new infographic created by WebSide that’s published on Visual.ly takes a closer look at the fake account figures and breaks them down into greater detail.

Facebook, perhaps – and it may already be doing this – may want to examine just what’s behind these bogus accounts. For example, there are users who have created alternate accounts so they can interact with others on Facebook fan pages more privately, that is, not have the comments and Likes they make on a fan page appear on their Timelines for all their other friends to see and tease them about their penchant for, say, the TV programme Revenge.