On a recent visit home to my parent’s house I ended up in the loft surrounded by old toys that had been hidden for years and years and years! (Feel free to delete one of them ‘years’). Anyway, I opened one box to discover eagle eyes staring right back at me – no, I mean literally, Eagle Eyes and his band of brothers – a whole army in fact. I’d like to think that these guys have been patrolling my parents house keeping them safe since I left to be stationed abroad at university barracks, with the London battalions and ultimately with the Bvisible Regiment – Toy Story style.

I couldn’t help bringing my army of Action Men out of the closet, (the outfits were a little camp) and setting up another bedroom battle. I positioned my troops ready to defeat Strongman, apparently ‘from another world’ -  you can tell he’s from another world as he has a beard. Leaving them ready to fight for their lives I dived back in to the loft to retrieve bullet man, tank and jeep (damn, missing wheel, that could be costly to troop manoeuvres – never mind we’ll find a Lego replacement – Eagle Eyes Mechanic can fix it).

By this time reinforcements had arrived – mum had brought a coffee, rolled her eyes and retreated – she knew she was beaten. Let battle commence….

…Weary from a day on the front line I had to look back at the ad that whetted my desire to collect all my Action Man paraphernalia – so in the first of the Bvisible Classic Ads blog post I share with you – Action Man. Just fantastic – and I’m still hooked. Look out for Eagle Eyes driving a tank while flexing and the sub scaring the bjaysus out of the goldfish at 2.12. Enjoy.