Next week kids head back to school for the start of a new and exciting school year – full of the anticipation of learning and with an eagerness to embrace new experiences. Parents exhale slowly – a long and tough summer of having them around the house 24/7. So in to the new school bags go the tonnes of new school books… hang on a minute… little Johnny is slipping the house iPad in to his bag “Yeah this is all I need now mum, thanks, see ya.” Gone.

So our infographic this week looks at the impact of technology in the classroom – revealing that 1.5m iPads are being used in the classrooms and there are 20,000 education apps available.

According to the infographic from 70pc of children aged between 2 and 5 can use a computer mouse, only 11pc of them can tie their own shoelaces.

In third level Twitter feeds have become the new blackboards – two-thirds of professors use social media sites as a teaching aid and 84pc of schools used Twitter to send up-to-date announcements to students.

Anyway, here’s the future…