Irish Times

Kevin Cardiff, the secretary general at the Department of Finance, told officials from the US embassy in Dublin in late 2008 that he was confident the Government would not have to bail out our banks. This has emerged from the latest batch of secret US cables released by WikiLeaks – Ciaran Hancock.

School reunions were once filled with trepidation and mystery – what had happened to classmates in the 10 or 20 years since you’d last seen each other? But Facebook and Twitter have changed all that – Brian O’Connell.

The main Irish arm of social networking giant Facebook recorded pretax profits of almost €300,000 in its first year of operation in Ireland – Gordon Deegan.

Irish Independent

Sales of safes are soaring as more and more worried bank customers stash their cash at home. – Michael Brennan

Christmas shoppers buying TVs need to make sure that they are compatible with the Ireland’s new digital service, which will be up and running by the end of 2012. Anyone who has a Sky or UPC box will not be affected. – Fiona Ellis

Hewlett Packard plans to create 105 hi-tech jobs at its Galway operation, the company announced yesterday. – Grainne Cunningham

Review of the Nokia N8 Smartphone and wireless HP printer – Ronan Price.

The hacktivist group Anonymous, which supports WikiLeaks, has threatened to attack UK government websites if Julian Assange is extradited to Sweden. – Cahal Milmo