1. College students deprived of their mobile phones and laptops experienced cravings comparable with drug addiction, according to a new survey. Participants reported feelings of paranoia, depression and anger

2. Apple is set to dominate the tablet market until 2015, say Gartner analysts. While it will not maintain this, it’s predicted that 63 percent of all tablets sold next year will be Apple.

3. What exactly constitutes online identity? Evan Williams, ex-Twitter CEO has opened the debate with his blog post last weekend

4. The New York Times website is experiencing a drop of as much as 15 percent in visitors per day after introducing its paywall last month. Currently, visitors can read up to 20 articles for free before having to pay.

5. There’s been an increase in registrations for i.e. domains, which exceeded 10,000 in the first quarter. The domain is ranked as one of the safest in the world.

6. ‘Irish Field’ readers’ details were posted on Boards.ie after the horse trade magazine’s subscriber directory was hacked. Gardai and the DPC are investigating the issue.

7. YouTube has launched live streaming of various TV programmes and sporting events. Cricket fans can currently watch the Indian Premier League online

8. PCH International, head quartered in Cork, has reported a 170% increase in revenue. The firm, which manufactures and distributes smartphone accessories, saw turnover increase from $153m to $413m in 2010.

9. Kindle users aren’t technological innovators; they just love to read according to Amazon’s vice president of Kindle Content. Russ Grandinetti says Kindle buyers want to: “spend more minutes of the day connecting with the words that authors put down”.

10 While the Russian government says they have no plans to cut off Skype, Gmail or Hotmail, it will force restrictions on encryption technology, which makes surveillance impossible.