This Week’s Tech 10:

  1. He played a vampire in Blade, the baddy in Demolition Man and a convict in real life. Now tax evading actor, Wesley Snipes is working on a multi-platform gaming release while he serves a three-year prison sentence –
  2. A quarter of workers in the tech sector are feeling good about 2011 as 25% predict that their salaries will rise this year –
  3. The bright sparks in NUI Galway are inviting energy experts from the fields of energy technology, policy, innovation and business to an Energy Night to brainstorm on Ireland’s energy needs –
  4. The annual BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition kicked off this week, showcasing some of the country’s most promising tech talent –
  5. The company who said no to the mega power that is Google, group deals website, Groupon, announced that it has completed a US$950m round of financing -
  6. Can you see this social media/PR approach catching on for kids’ birthday parties in Ireland? –
  7. We breathed a sigh of relief this week to see Ireland did not make it on to the list of countries who spam most prolifically –
  8. Check out this Ouch Map which is being compiled by health insurance company Health365 in the UK using twitter to see which parts of the body give us the most ‘ouch’ moments –
  9. Did you see anything that tickled your fancy at this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas? The Lady GaGa inspired Polaroid glasses perhaps? –

And finally…

10. Have you seen this guy? He has an amazing voice but is just a little down on his luck –