Tesco on Xbox 360…Store Trek.

Well now we can boldly go where we never perhaps ventured before – into Tesco virtually, well, literally virtually if you know what I mean. Tour the aisles, push a trolley – you can even get ones with wonky wheels that virtually crash into the virtual shelves. If they want a real experience they should have lots of people pushing trolleys down the aisle in the opposite direction to you – or does that just happen to me?

Tesco have used the Xbox Connect device to create a walk through experience of a store – so you can shop at home to your hearts content – squeeze virtual fruit and watch as the kids have a very real meltdown as they try to grab the virtual sweets only to push the telly over.

What would truly be worthwhile would be Xbox Tesco interactive gaming as you prowl the store throwing cans of beans at other shoppers or hurling breadsticks to take people down at the end of the aisle – Crocodile Dundee style! Any other suggestions of incorporating gaming into this are more than welcome…