Here in Bvisible we’re big believers in keeping things simple and this morning see that our web providers, Vidappt, also live by this same mantra. This is their response to a query from us on how to get set up with responsive email templates.


    1. 1. Choose a design


    1. 2. Sign up to MailChimp


    1. 3. We edit and integrate your template for you (cause we’re just brilliant)


    1. 4. You populate with content and save your newsletter


    1. 5. You import your contact lists etc


    1. 6. You send email


    1. 7. You review analytics


    1. 8. You repeat the process as often as you wish


    1. 9. You say – my digital life is so much easier because of Vidappt


    1. 10. We say – you’re welcome!



Vidappt….we’re sold. Oh yes and since they redesigned our website, which went live just over week ago after another smooth and simple experience, our Google ranking has rocketed.  So as thank-you please meet Vidappt.