This Week’s Tech 10:

  1. As we entered into the first week of 2011, a study by Virgin Media Business says that nearly three quarters of employees (74%) will show-off the new gadgets they received at Christmas in the office and plug them into their employer’s network, without getting permission from the IT department. This could spell disaster from an IT security point of view and would not make for a very good start to the working year!
  2. In a week where we needed our alarm clocks more than ever, many people were left taking an unintended lie in as a glitch in the iPhone alarm application caused many users to oversleep on the first two days of 2011.
  3. The year is off to a good start for the world’s favourite plastic bombshell, Barbie, along with several other Mattel favourites, as THQ moves to publish them into video games.
  4. Because our brains are still in Christmas mode and probably a bit sluggish from all of the festive over indulgence, we loved this great video simplifying Facebook by numbers.
  5. While we try to wean ourselves off selection boxes and mince pies, it would seem a more worrying addiction is attacking today’s youth as a study has found that teenagers are becoming so addicted to texting and surfing the net that they behave like recovering drug addicts when forced to switch their gadgets off.
  6. The Wikileaks saga of late 2010 continues to make the news agenda this year and Silicon Republic took a look at what it means for IT security for the future.
  7. From one Wiki to another, half a million people have donated to keep Wikipedia running for the rest of 2011.
  8. While Twitter and Facebook seem to be on a social media high the same can’t be said for MySpace, which announced it will be gearing up for layoffs as part of its restructuring.
  9. Google is looking into opening its own online news stand to rival similar efforts by Apple.
  10. And finally, here is a run down of what’s in store in social media for 2011.